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Serving Denver and the State of Colorado since 2003.

Masonry Restoration and Preservation

Masonry restoration can take many forms and involve many different aspects of the trade. Simply put, masonry restoration is: restoring a masonry structure to it's former functionality and appearance. It can involve structural repairs and/or cosmetic work. We are often hired to give and old building a face lift. This usually involves restoration cleaning the masonry surface of the building, thus removing the decades or a century of staining, pollution, and grime from the buildings masonry facade. The face lift can also include removing and replacing any damaged brick or masonry units from the building. Tuck-pointing or re pointing is also often needed when restoring a building. Shifting and settling, weather, and exposure often play a big role in the deterioration of mortar joints. An often overlooked aspect of tuck-pointing is the given age and composition of the structures mortar. It is important to match not just the color of mortar, but the mortar type. Is the mortar soft or hard? Is it lime putty or Type S cement? Is the aggregate large or fine? Would hydrated or hydraulic lime be better suited for the project? Modern day mortars are very hard when compared to the lime putty mixes often used over a hundred years ago. Poorly done tuck-pointing can cause more harm than good to a masonry structure, it can actually accelerate the deterioration of a masonry building. It is important to blend compatible materials together to create a uniform restoration job. Many decorative features used on older buildings are no longer being produced these days, such as: decorative terra cotta features, sandstone carvings, ornate arches and ledges, and uniquely patterned designs such as egg and dart, or qua trefoils. These are the things that add character and uniqueness to many of our buildings and homes found in the Denver area and the state of Colorado. B
because of modern innovations and technology we have access to products that allow use to recreate some of these historic features, when working from an intact sample. Or perhaps only patching is required, we can do that too. Why settle for just an okay job. Let us go that extra mile for you and bring your building or home back to life. 

Tuck-pointing or Re-pointing

 What do you do if there are cracks in the mortar between your bricks? Or, what if parts of the mortar have been partially washed out by rain or snow? That area of your masonry wall needs to be tuck-pointed.
  Let’s talk about the process of tuck-pointing. It is not enough to slop some mismatched mortar into the crack in your brick wall.

Once the area that needs repair is identified, a professional mason needs to carefully remove the mortar between the brickwork to a depth of ¾ to 1 inch. Then, well-matched mortar is formulated to replace the old mortar. Many factors contribute to matching mortar, including the age of the existing mortar, the mortar type and mix, the aggregate used, the base color of the cement, and the tints used to acquire a match.
This process can take years to learn and is not easily mastered.

After formulating an accurate match, the mortar joints are carefully and cleanly filled using special equipment. Once the mortar is replaced, it’s then necessary to tool the joints so that they match the rest of the structure. Tooling can take many forms including, concaved joints, flat joints, cut joints, and joints aged with exposed aggregate. When the tuck-pointing is done correctly, it matches the original work so closely that it’s not possible to tell where the repair occurred.

It is risky to trust just anyone to tuck-point your home or masonry structure. Denver Masonry LLC offers the highest quality tuck-pointing available and it’s performed by experienced professionals.


"Thank you for the prompt, efficient, and quality work. I am very happy with the workmanship, it looks great!"

T. Martin
Denver, CO

 "We are very pleased with your quick response to our request and timeliness in completing the project. Your team was very neat, thorough, and efficient." 

Lori M.
Ken Caryl Ranch, CO

Denver Masonry came out after we had called 4 other companies to repair damage due to a mini van running into our business. They were not the cheapest estimate, but Eric had come up with a brilliant plan to match the damaged brick. Most everyone else that came out wanted to go and find matching bricks ( ours was from 1956), and then they never returned. Eric wisely recommended that they use a different material all together, and then stain it to match. When the job was finished, the other material ended up being a dead on match, and when I received the invoice, they deducted from the price the cost of staining that was not needed. It was a nice surprise. Also they showed up when they said they would, and cleaned up after themselves. I would highly recommend Denver Masonry to anyone needing brick repair, or new brick work!

Roy Y.
Castle Rock, CO

I am the owner of an older brick home built around 1901. The brick was in very good shape however the mortar in between was crumbling in some places missing altogether. The house also needed work on both chimneys and the parapets along the roof were so deteriorated that alot of the brick was gone. I called several local contractors and planned to go with the low bid, however after some research I realized the contractor I had chosen was planning on using the wrong mortar which could then damage the bricks!!! After finding Denver Masonry online along with some others claiming to be skilled in older home repair, I called and got the owner Eric on the first try. He was able to come over later that SAME day to bid the job, and not only was he willing to do the work the right way for the same PRICE but also agreed to build the decorative brick parapets back up to there original beauty instead of just making them square like the other guy wanted to do! He was also willing to start ASAP as the fall weather was coming in and was there personally almost the entire time!! Thanks Eric we need more solid quality contractors like yourself.

Brian P. 
Denver, CO

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